Toxins in Consumer Products

Green Science Policy Institute: Provides scientific research to industry, government and non-profits about chemicals in consumer products.

Environmental Working Group: Research and recommendations for all kinds of consumer goods.

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families: Pushing for better toxics laws

Environmental Defense Fund: The group’s Not A Guinea Pig wing works on chemical policy reform

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics: A searchable database for personal care products.

The Green Guide: An intelligent online magazine for smart, sustainable shopping

A database of toxins in building materials, and how to avoid them

The Ultimate Green Shopping Guide

Sustainability, Toxics, and Citizen Action

Delaware: Delaware Environmental Summit

Maryland: Growing Up Toxic, a report from the Maryland Public Interest Group

New England:

Toxics Action Center

Environmental Health Strategy Center


Vandana Shiva, global ecological visionary

Blue Voice, a group devoted to dolphins and whales

Environmental Justice

Majora Carter Group, working to “green the ghetto.”

Federal HHS reporton environmental justice strategy


Native Species

Maryland Native Plant Society: A good place to learn what to plant, and what to rip out.

University of Maryland Forest Stewardship Education: A nice Backyard Planting Guide

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Guide for Native Plants and Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping

Pesticides and Lawn Care A resource for maintaining your lawn without synthetic pesticides.

Citizens for a Green Camden: A group fighting the use of toxic pesticides in Maine.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

MCS Referral and Resources: A place to learn more about research and health advice.

Teaching Resources

Environmental Journalism Toolkit


Addiction Resources


American Society of Addiction Medicine


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