Greener Shopping Ideas

  • Is Online Shopping Really More Eco-Friendly?: See how online shopping compares to traditional in-store shopping.
  • Driving More Efficiently: Learn ways to drive more efficiently by reading this guide from the U.S. Department of Energy. Each tip includes the fuel economy benefit and equivalent gasoline savings.
  • Green Machines: Eco-Friendly Electronics: This how-to shopping guide provides guidance for choosing environmentally friendly electronics.
  • Ten Ways to Green Your Holidays: Discover ten tips on how to have a greener holiday, including how to shop for green gifts and what to avoid and look for when buying other items.
  • 12 Tips for Choosing Safe and Eco-Friendly Toys: Before taking advantage of Black Friday deals on toys, review these 12 tips on how to choose eco-friendly, safe gifts for kids.
  • Recycling Made Easy: See what types of electronics, appliances, and other items you can recycle, and check out links to additional recycling resources.
  • Go Green on Black Friday: Visit the EPA’s Our Planet, Our Home blog for advice on how to make green choices while Black Friday shopping. Advice on toys, batteries and electronics is included.
  • Being Green on Black Friday: Get Black Friday green tips such as shopping online, using public transit and buying products more environmentally friendly.

Toxins in Consumer Products

Green Science Policy Institute: Provides scientific research to industry, government and non-profits about chemicals in consumer products.

Environmental Working Group: Research and recommendations for all kinds of consumer goods.

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families: Pushing for better toxics laws

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics: A searchable database for personal care products.

The Green Guide: An intelligent online magazine for smart, sustainable shopping

A database of toxins in building materials, and how to avoid them

The Ultimate Green Shopping Guide

Sustainability, Toxics, and Citizen Action

Delaware: Delaware Environmental Summit

Maryland: Growing Up Toxic, a report from the Maryland Public Interest Group

New England:

Toxics Action Center

Environmental Health Strategy Center



Vandana Shiva, global ecological visionary

Blue Voice, a group devoted to dolphins and whales

Environmental Justice

Majora Carter Group, working to “green the ghetto.”

Federal HHS reporton environmental justice strategy


Native Species

Maryland Native Plant Society: A good place to learn what to plant, and what to rip out.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Guide for Native Plants and Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping

Pesticides and Lawn Care A resource for maintaining your lawn without synthetic pesticides.

Citizens for a Green Camden: A group fighting the use of toxic pesticides in Maine.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

MCS Referral and Resources: A place to learn more about research and health advice.


Teaching Resources

Environmental Journalism Toolkit

Addiction Resources


American Society of Addiction Medicine



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